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Why Our Franchisees Choose MCS

If you are looking to achieve your dream of running your own business and you are ambitious, enthusiastic and flexible, joining MCS as a franchisee could be the ideal choice for you. Whilst running your own business no doubt involves a lot of hard work, by taking on an MCS Franchise, you can benefit from the experience and support of the MCS brand.

Many of our franchisees have embraced the challenge of running a successful commercial cleaning business and have been able to achieve a greater level of happiness and more time to themselves than before.


One of the main reasons that many of our franchisees decide to acquire a franchise is to take on a new challenge and the opportunity to self-evaluate. For ambitious individuals that are tired of their job and want to achieve a higher level of independence in work and life alike, acquiring a commercial cleaning franchise is the ideal opportunity. Whilst the thought of running a business is daunting, it can be very rewarding for strong willed, flexible franchisees.


Running a business completely independently is extremely hard as in many cases, your success is completely down to you, with no help to get your business fully operational. By becoming a franchisee, many of the hurdles involved with starting a business are made much simpler. For example, our franchisees have found that tasks such as setting up PAYE, VAT and a limited company name are much easier with the support of MCS.

Franchisees can rest in the knowledge that they will be exposed to extensive training for all key aspects of the day to day running of an MCS business. Ongoing support is provided for marketing your business, and the management team at head office can help you to further develop your client base. Tasks such as negotiating employee contracts, sick pay and holidays are all dealt with by MCS management, allowing you to stay focused on the day to day aspects of running your business.

Better life quality

Given the success and support that our franchisees experience, many would recommend taking on a commercial cleaning franchise to improve work to life balance. For anyone unhappy with their current work situation, or tired of the status quo, MCS can provide an ideal partnership to help you achieve more job satisfaction, inner health, peace, family time and ultimately, increased wealth.

To learn more about acquiring an MCS Franchise, fill in our online contact form today.