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What Does it Take to Run Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business?

If 2017 is the year you want to build your own business and reap the rewards of being your own boss, have you thought about venturing into the cleaning sector? Projected to be worth over 60 billion in 2016, the cleaning industry is thriving, and industry professionals expect steady growth to continue through 2017 to 2020.

The commercial cleaning sector in particular has experienced growth in recent years since it is instrumental to the growth of other industries. And with a higher emphasis on businesses creating exceptional workplace environments, better cleaning technologies and a rise in trends such as sustainable and specialist workplace cleaning services, commercial cleaning offers brilliant opportunities for franchisees to find success in 2017.

If you’re looking for the success and benefits that come with being your own boss, starting a commercial cleaning franchise will give you the additional support, established network and proven structure for that head start you need. However as a business owner you’ll need to thoroughly plan your venture, minimise risks and optimise your chances of running an excellent franchise.

Here are 4 key steps to getting you prepared:

Your self-assessment - are you a good candidate for a commercial cleaning franchise?

A 2016 Franchise Direct survey found that 55.5% of franchisees had managed their own business before. Having prior management experience can be a plus-point, but are you ready to hit the targets set out by your franchisor and can you work to their model? Consider the following questions when assessing your suitability:

  • What has attracted you to starting a commercial cleaning franchise?
  • Are you confident with your franchisor’s business proposition?
  • Will you be able to commit to and enjoy following the set business methods of the franchisor’s system?
  • Are you happy with paying a percentage of your profits to your franchisor?
  • Are you willing to invest your personal finance to start or grow the business?
  • Do you have the associated funds, or can you secure a loan?
  • Are you capable and willing to work long or irregular hours if you need to?
  • Will you be happy to lend your business’ reputation to your franchise’s network?

Once you know the risks involved you’ll be able to structure realistic expectations and better match yourself with a franchisor. Committing to a franchise is a long-term investment which will impact on your family as well, so you’ll need to ask yourself if you're prepared for the hard work and if you’ll still be happy in the role 5 years from now.

Thorough research

There is ample evidence showing that franchisees who effectively plan are over 2x as likely to achieve their goals. Your franchisor should give you data and statistics to help you research the industry, and you will be using a proven business structure with ongoing training and development. But you still need to do your research well to effectively set up, develop and grow your business in your chosen location.

Seek advice from different professionals and listen to the advice your franchisor gives you. Sometimes important decisions you’ll have to make could affect the whole franchise network. Your franchisor will have many years’ experience and will be the best person to advise you on running your franchise.

Form a solid relationship with your franchisor

Communication with your franchisor and franchise network is vital, particularly in the initial stages, so ensure that you form good connections. It’s advisable to attend organised meet ups, events and conferences, to keep these connections alive and seek help if you need it. Maintaining relationships with your franchisor and franchise network may be difficult at times yet it could greatly help you if you encounter problems as you grow.

Building on your strengths and weaknesses

In the case of a commercial cleaning franchise, they saying “you get out of life what you put into it” is surely true. In order to put the most into running your own franchised business it’s a good idea to assess your strengths and weaknesses and determine whether they match your franchise’s success criteria.

If you’re brilliant with numbers but you aren’t as good with balancing your time, you should enlist in the help of your franchise network or employ suitably skilled people to transform your weaknesses into strengths. Keep reviewing your progress as this can positively impact on your success.

If you’re ready to make the leap to becoming a successful franchisee, why not speak to us and see what we can offer you? Our business model will incorporate everything you need to get off to a quick start for 2017 and get you on the path to financial freedom and an aspirational lifestyle.

For further information or for any advice, please feel free to fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you.