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Returning to Work After Children

Many parents are excited about the concept of returning to work and having a meaningful career after having children. As a parent you reach that stage when you aren’t necessarily needed as much by your children and can look for new ventures and opportunities. It gives a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to contribute to your household income.

Whether parents stay at home or get back into work is a personal decision, but is it really that easy as just strolling back into the workplace? Confidence can be reduced initially, and you can feel like you are the new person and need to learn everything again.

How to plan for your return to work and find a new career opportunity

It isn’t just about you; going back to work will have an impact on the whole family. By delegating, organising and scheduling in advance you will have a clearer mind and be able to focus on your next career move. Balancing work and family commitments requires flexibility at the best of times but, when you go back to work, it’s particularly vital to find a system that works for you.

Now is the ideal time to review your career and look for something completely different. Finding a role that you’ll enjoy and can still give you the flexibility to fit around your growing family can be extremely challenging and daunting for many. Many roles can’t offer any degree of flexibility, sometimes requiring travelling long distances and working excessive hours.

Remember you’ll need time to adjust to returning to work as it is a big step. There will be days when you feel that you have done a full day’s work before you’ve even left the house but that is the joy of being a parent. It is only natural to feel out of place and unsettled for a while, but this won’t last, and things will improve over time.

Finding a work pattern that suits you and the family is so important. Always still remember to factor in good quality ‘me’ time as it is always the parents that have the least amount of time to focus on themselves and what makes them happy.

How we can help at MCS Franchise

At MCS Franchise we are proud to be able to promote flexible working allowing parents the ability to run a successful franchise and have a work-life balance. We appreciate that this is most likely a complete change of career direction, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

MCS are a trusted brand that people rely on. Whilst running a cleaning franchise provides the independence of working for yourself, franchisees also benefit our ongoing support. Franchises provide a proven business plan, extensive training, and ongoing business support and guidance.

MCS are looking for franchise partners throughout the UK and provide a great business opportunity for parents returning to work, incorporating all that you need to get off to a quick start. To learn more about commercial cleaning franchise opportunities for parents, call MCS today on 0800 612 0437.