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Growing Your Commercial Cleaning Business as a Franchisee

Commercial cleaning can be a competitive industry, especially during this time of the year. Therefore, if you are hoping to grow your commercial cleaning business, focus on your networking and marketing. This will help you to expand your connections and get your name out there.

Browse our top tips for growing your brand as a franchisee below.

Set Your Goals

As a commercial cleaning franchise, it is important to set goals to know which direction to work towards. They should be clear in what you want to achieve, and all of your team should be aware of them. This will create clear understanding on what your expectations are for the team and what they should be working towards. Goals can also direct your marketing, for a more focused approach.

For example, a commercial cleaning business can aim towards providing better value, extend their services, retain customers or grow profits.

Establish a USP

Competitor research can help you to identify weak spots in their service, to create opportunities for yourself. This could be a service that competitors are not providing, a customer loyalty scheme or better value.

Either way, finding a unique selling point that provides a competitive edge can help you to gain and retain new customers.

Be Customer Focused

A customer focused marketing strategy is going to get you in front of the right audience. With every social media post, phone call or paid advertisement, consider your customer. Who are they and what appeals to them? You can even look at your competitors' marketing efforts for inspiration on what attracts their customers.

Launch Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool which is easy to do and takes little time to set up. With basic coding you can also personalise your emails, to add the recipient's name for greater user engagement.

Use email newsletters to keep your customers involved with your business and up to date on your latest news and offers. You can also offer incentives for newsletter sign ups to grow your mailing list.

Network with Local Businesses

Attending local networking events can help you to build great connections to build your commercial cleaning business. For example, you can connect with people who may be interested in combining your services with theirs. This may include landlords needing tenancy cleans, new businesses looking for budget friendly cleaning packages or even home builders and real estate agents requiring new home cleans.

Build Your Brand Offline

With technology being second nature to many people today, it is fairly easy to build your brand online. What many businesses forget to do is build a brand reputation offline too. Getting involved in local events, networking and utilising print marketing can be just as effective as digital marketing.

Encourage people to promote your business through word of mouth and offer discounts using flyers, business cards and competitions.

Opening a Commercial Cleaning Business

At MCS we offer franchising opportunities to passionate, hardworking individuals looking for a new career avenue to explore. With so much support on offer, we can help you to develop new skills and gain independence as a businessperson.

For information on our available opportunities, complete our enquiry form and our team will get back to you.