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Benefits of Starting a Franchise in the New Year

New year is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your goals in life and plan for a better future. Your new year resolutions may centre around finding a fair work-life balance, spending more time as a family, to learn a new skill or to prioritise yourself more.

All of these examples can be achieved very easily, with one exciting opportunity. Starting a franchise can benefit your life in many ways and will definitely make 2020 a memorable year for you.

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One of the most appealing benefits to starting a franchise is the opportunity to be your own boss. This can help you to manage a healthier work life balance, which is convenient for you and your family. You can also choose when and where you work and can control your own schedule and workload.


Being your own manager can relieve the stress many people face in ordinary jobs. It relieves the pressure of meeting set expectations and having to answer to people of higher authority. It also means you can take your franchise in the direction which you think is best.

Fresh Start

After being dedicated to an industry for so long, you may find that it no longer challenges or interests you. Therefore, a career change could be exactly the fresh start you need. Starting a cleaning franchise will open so many doors for you and your career.

If you are still new to the cleaning industry, you can learn a lot from fellow franchisees and your clients. You can gain invaluable connections and skills, while exploring a side of business which you were never exposed to before.

Learning New Skills

When starting a franchise in the new year, every day will be a new challenge. You will face situations, make decisions and meet people you may have never come across before. However, with the support of MCS Franchise, we can help to guide and train you into a successful franchisee.

Our team are always available for full support, to ensure that you are reaching yours and your franchises full potential. As a franchisee, you can expect to gain new skills in time management, project management, decision making, networking and communications, sales and marketing.

Starting a Franchise in the New Year

At MCS Franchise our door is always open to passionate people looking for a new and exciting opportunity in business. You can expect full training, in addition to support in IT, HR, sales, marketing, business and operations.

To enquire about franchising opportunities, get in touch with our team.