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Will 2017 Be The Year of New Opportunities For You?

If you haven’t thought about it already then 2017 is the time to decide upon making some changes, to look at new opportunities and grab them. Fed up with your job? Looking to do something just for you? Want to be your own boss? If these are the kinds of changes you are considering, then an MCS franchise may be exactly what you are looking for. At MCS we have plenty of experience of setting up and operating a commercial cleaning franchise.

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What Does it Take to Run Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise Business?

If 2017 is the year you want to build your own business and reap the rewards of being your own boss, have you thought about venturing into the cleaning sector? Projected to be worth over 60 billion in 2016, the cleaning industry is thriving, and industry professionals expect steady growth to continue through 2017 to 2020.

The commercial cleaning sector in particular has experienced growth in recent years since it is instrumental to the growth of other industries. And with a higher emphasis on businesses creating exceptional workplace environments, better cleaning technologies and a rise in trends such as sustainable and specialist workplace cleaning services, commercial cleaning offers brilliant opportunities for franchisees to find success in 2017.

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The Key Health and Safety Requirements of a Commercial Cleaning Franchisee

Health and Safety law applies to any business. As a franchisee, health and safety in your business is your responsibility. This means that it’s your responsibility to take any precautions to reduce the risks of workplace dangers and ensure there is a safe working environment for your staff. Whilst health and safety may sound complicated, it doesn’t have to be; for most businesses, all that’s required is a number of basic practical tasks that protect people from harm and protect the future growth and success of your commercial cleaning business.

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Why Our Franchisees Choose MCS

If you are looking to achieve your dream of running your own business and you are ambitious, enthusiastic and flexible, joining MCS as a franchisee could be the ideal choice for you. Whilst running your own business no doubt involves a lot of hard work, by taking on an MCS Franchise, you can benefit from the experience and support of the MCS brand.

Many of our franchisees have embraced the challenge of running a successful commercial cleaning business and have been able to achieve a greater level of happiness and more time to themselves than before.

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A Step by Step Guide to Setting up Your MCS Cleaning Franchise

There’s no doubt that opening your own MCS cleaning franchise business is extremely rewarding, but it is also a huge task. However, the support that is provided by a franchise structure means that taking this route to starting a business is much less intimidating than starting a commercial cleaning business completely independently.

If you are enticed by the idea of being your own boss, we’ve put together a step by step guide to setting up your own commercial cleaning franchise:

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What are the advantages of starting a commercial cleaning franchise?

Many of us have a great idea for a new business. That is a great accomplishment, but to see that idea come to life is a little harder. If you have decided what it is that you would like to do or deliver, then the next step is to identify the best way to achieve your goal. The business world is a very competitive one, and it can be really difficult in the early years as you juggle between growing your business and becoming an expert in financial, administrative, technological and many other fields. For many people, the idea of a franchise business is a perfect solution to achieving your goals because it delivers many benefits and advantages, along with security and support. But what does a franchise business provide that sets it apart from setting up a business on your own?

Perhaps the greatest advantage is having expertise at hand, tailor made for your needs. As a commercial cleaning franchise company, we at MCS have learned everything about the cleaning business already. We understand what clients and customers want and expect, what is expected by HMRC, and by staff and what your legal obligations are. Having access to this knowledge provides security as you develop and grow your client base.

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