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Liverpool Franchise Show

Saturday, 22nd November - Aintree Racecourse. Outside it was misty and damp, the grave stones were being replaced, and nocturnal creatures returned to their rest but all in all a typical autumn day in the wonderful land of England. The Directors and Sales Manager snuggled together inside the relaxed family orientated Orrell Park Hotel their day started with a full english breakfast at 9am followed by a mad dash across Liverpool to the famous racecourse. Once in situ with tempting bowls of delicious sticky toffee and palete cleansing mints we focused on regaling prospective recruits with the joys of our cleaning franchise. Many were drawn by the fabulous territory depiction of the UK. Its dynamic colour and composition initiated many a conversation not just from franchisees but other exhibitors keen to promote their business through new ideas.

A nail biting 3 hours passed as we juggled between ourselves for the attention of passing personages who were themselves debating in some cases openly the merits of one business venture in contrast to another.

  • “Do I have the skill set, motivation or financial backing to speculate in property management?”
  • “An excellent use of the UK map illustrating 39 distinct territories through colour enhancements; this is definitely an attraction and discussion topic. I wonder if Paul will speak with me their competition?”
  • “Deliver computer training, what’s a USB?, when did Windows change from 98 to Windows 10?”
  • “Residential or commercial cleaning – which do I chose? Can I trust others to clean to my standards or can I actually clean the sanitation units others have used. I’m getting the hibbie jibbies.”
  • “Selling coffee – now I love my morning cup but do I know enough about the product to talk convincingly to coffee connoisseurs?”
  • “The green territory is so small why can’t I have the yellow one? I must be realistic Liverpool is the green region and is the area I live in, but how much does it cost?”
  • “All I want is a viable business opportunity – why do I need to make a choice so many options – help mummy!”
  • “How much are franchising fees? At £3,995, MCS Franchise fees are doable but then what will my working capital be? Note to self, ‘engage with brunette”

Lunch arrived and went in a blink of an eye with freshly made sandwiches, hot chocolate and steaming coffee, but the view of Aintree was breath-taking. Horses and their riders cantering around the course with the mist of their breath alluding to the majestic prowess restrained in their powerful legs and bodies. Memories of Red Rum barrelling across the line chased by a field of floundering Equus ferus caballus offer a moment of reflection on youthful dreams in the renowned venue.

With steady progression the afternoon eased into early evening. A smattering of inquisitive individuals keen to ascertain what a franchise show consisted off ventured into Aintree. Wandering around the exhibition allowed them to questions the exhibitors about their business whilst appreciating the abundance of business opportunities franchising allowed.

The wind down and eventual closure of the Franchising Exhibition culminated in a frenetic half hour of exhibitors dismantling their displays, removal of debris and the restocking of vehicles.

Although not as busy as anticipated the day was productive. The branding of MCS Ltd has expanded affording us the foresight to secure franchisees to cover the North West of England. Interested, then contact us on 0800 612 0437 or 0785 4664600 for a friendly chat.

The final journey to the M6 and homeward bound was filled with its own adventure with the Development Manager getting totally lost having relied totally on her SATNAV that kept informing her that she must go through the barriers of the cordoned-off motorway to get home. A frustrating red mist 15minutes later the signage to the M6 motorway beckoned. Smiling from ear to ear with skilful manipulation of gear change she eased the accelerator down manoeuvering the car onto the freeway home.