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Milton Keynes Franchise Show

Milton Keynes Franchise Show MCS Milton Keynes Franchise Show MCS Franchise Milton Keynes Franchise Show - How To Franchise Milton Keynes Franchise Show - How to Franchise 1

The 31st January was work to a very cold grey day. The time is 5.45am, yes the unearthly hours very few of us experience or even realise exist on the weekends. Our Business Development Manager struggles against the duvet and fur throw to extract her snuggly self from the comfort of her bed. “Note to self – remind me never to volunteer or organise a franchise show on a weekend again.” These were the words she breathed as the vapours froze in mid-air.

10 minutes of de-icing the car and she was off to coax the MD out of his warm bed to embark on an adventure to Milton Keynes for their 3rd Franchise Show. 45 minutes into their journey and they are cruising at 40mph on the M1. “Why all the cones, why aren’t the highway workers at work” – give me strength “ I need a coffee” she relayed to the MD. He responded with a definitive “and me, in fact make that 2 coffees”.

My goodness look its M&S and ASDA right next to the hotel where the exhibition was being held – “yep we are going to have a good day even if the potential franchisees don’t turn up” – she exclaimed as they pulled onto Stadium MK parking lot. “Not fair” cried the MD “there isn’t a football match on here today, I want to go home” he bewailed. Throwing their thoughts and wishes aside they unloaded the car, transported items into the hall and proceeded to set up the stall with two crowning bowls of mixed toffees, boiled sweets and the pièce de résistance mint filled monikered key rings.

The first potential franchisee arrived at 9.45am from this point it was non-stop discussions, greetings and camaraderie between the other exhibitors, visiting guests and the natural pull of the ‘forbidden fruit’ – the sweet bowls to all who passed our table. Using this to our advantage we opened dialogue with visitors with varying interests, requests and purpose for visiting the show. Many who had come specifically for a scheduled meeting with a named franchisor completed our anonymous ‘Franchisee Questionnaire’.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to glean an insight into the key features a franchisee would consider prior to making an enquiry with a potential business partner. At this time we would like to thank everyone who contributed to our survey. If you would like to contribute please click on this link NO personal details is required as this is an anonymous survey.

At 4.05pm the day closed with all exhibitors feeling it was a productive event. We received 4 interested prospects each showing a keen interest in the business. Next week we intend following these up with invites to our Head Office in Sutton Coldfield. Why not see what these prospective business partners saw that encouraged them to seek more information. Today, 4th February we are awaiting the visit of 3 of our potential business partners. View our online brochure then contact us on our free number 0800 612 0437.

On a lighter note our sweet bowls were depleted along with the monikered key rings. However the question I know you are all curious about is whether we graced M&S or ASDA with our patron contribution! Well if truth be known the Operations Director and the Sales Manager having journeyed up from London rewarded us with lovely sandwiches.