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What You Need to Know About the Commercial Cleaning Industry as a Franchisee

If you are looking for a low cost franchise opportunity, the commercial cleaning industry provides a high level of potential for success. Whilst you may overlook cleaning for another seemingly more glamorous sector, the advantages provided by the growing commercial cleaning market should not be ignored. Even faced with the effects of the pandemic, the commercial cleaning sector has continued to grow, providing a substantial contribution to the British economy.

Consider the following benefits of the commercial cleaning sector to help you understand why a cleaning franchise is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Widespread demand for commercial cleaning services

There is extremely widespread demand for commercial cleaning as practically all commercial properties require help with cleaning and janitorial services. Commercial cleaning can encompass a wide range of different services to suit different premises, for example:

  • Office cleaning

  • Commercial/retail cleaning

  • Post build/renovation sparkle cleans

  • Factory and industrial cleaning

  • School and public facilities cleaning

  • Washroom and janitorial services

For many businesses in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, it makes more financial sense to call in a professional cleaning company to carry out all necessary tasks, rather than employing an in-house cleaning team. 

From cleaning small offices, to huge open plan office blocks across multiple floors, cleaning pubs and restaurants, providing a safe and clean environment in factories, or even cleaning an extensive range of public facilities, there are so many different opportunities available for commercial cleaning work.

Consistent demand for commercial cleaning services

Another of the key advantages to the commercial cleaning industry is that there is no real boom or drop. Whilst there will always be some ups and downs, cleaning businesses can be immune to recessions and other issues, providing that they are run efficiently and provide a great service. 

Cleaning is what can be considered an essential service. Whatever businesses in various markets are experiencing, if they have physical premises, cleaning services will always be required. Whilst in the case of domestic cleaning, some homeowners may choose to temporarily take on their own house cleaning tasks, this is not the case for businesses. In most circumstances, it would not make financial sense to remove workers from their usual responsibilities to take on cleaning tasks, nor would it make sense to hire new cleaning staff.

The result is that the commercial cleaning industry is able to maintain good stability at all times, maintaining an income from existing clients, as well as potentially attracting new clients as businesses seek ways to improve their productivity.

Repeat clients

Another important reason that entrepreneurs choose to enter into the commercial cleaning market is that commercial cleaning is not a use-once service. It can be guaranteed that commercial buildings will continually get dirty, so professional cleaning services will be required on an ongoing, regular basis. 

The opportunity to focus on providing quality customer service and cleaning results for existing clients helps you to stay focused on growing your business at a speed to suit you, rather than facing the constant need to find new contacts to replace clients who know longer need you. Providing your clients are happy with the services you provide, then you can enjoy stability.

It’s easy to find cleaning staff

For any business to run smoothly and grow on your own terms, it’s important to find the right people. You should be able to rely on your staff to work to the standards that you (and your clients) expect. The good news is, whilst some job roles require a wide range of qualifications, a cleaning business requires individuals who are hardworking and possess an eye for detail when it comes to cleaning. As a result, it should not be difficult to find the right individuals, providing you provide a clear job description and reasonable benefits.

Commercial Cleaning Industry Franchise Opportunities


If you are an ambitious and hardworking individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, then you could make an ideal candidate for an MCS cleaning franchise. Learn more about the benefits of franchise management in the commercial cleaning industry.